Airline Lost Property

Welcome to, if you believe you may have left an item on board an aircraft please proceed with using our website.

You will have been given this web address from an airline using our company services, and although It's annoying when you lose something, don't worry, we'll do all we can to try and help reunite you with any lost items.

Firstly please contact the airport where you disembarked to enquire if the property is being held at the airline lost and found desk. Items are sometimes stored for 5 days locally before being sent to our central store for processing. These customer service desks are usually located within the arrivals halls at all International airports.

Found items not claimed will then be sent to our tracing operation in the UK.
Once back at our facility each item is tagged and recorded with information on location found and cross checked on reported losses.

To assist us with identifying your lost items please complete the Lost Property Enquiry Form within this website with as much accuracy as possible. All entries will be continually monitored for possible match on found items.

Should a match be made you will be contacted to discuss possible delivery or collection of the item.
Email: <a href =""></a>

Airline Lost Property
Airline Lost Property
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